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Anonymous picture

Rare is such a clear and definitive vision so blatantly shown in cinematic form. It feels as though Jan Svankmajer made no compromises and fully committed to his bizarre, surrealist, and grotesque ideas. Beautiful film.

Mark avatar

Where is the Cheshire Cat? OK but the shots of Alice's speaking mouth get a little old. Excellent Svankmajer stop-motion as always. 3 stars only for the above reasons.

Anonymous picture

Alice reminds me of creations similar to Labyrinth or Tim Burton’s movies. I found the film to be unbelievably awkward, grotesque, and eerie, but in the best way possible. Surprisingly, I found myself tolerating then enjoying this film. I found the exaggerated usage of deceased taxidermy ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This movie would be a LOT BETTER if someone would edit out all of the talking lips. Particularly nerve grinding since the English soundtrack does not match the Czech lips!

Lindsay avatar

The work of Czech animator Jan Svankmajer is both sublime and grotesque. It's wonderfully, horrifically bodily, which fits it so perfectly to the stop-motion medium. After all, unlike most forms of moving image art, stop-motion has a way of abandoning the suspension of disbelief traditionally ...Read more

Anonymous picture

My gosh, I've been trying to find this movie for ages!

Anonymous picture

No comments.

Anonymous picture

I've seen this before - more than once. Charming and humorous, this is a unique interpretation of an oft-staged but well loved story. Well worth your time, and a must see if you're a fan of stop-motion animation.

Anonymous picture

Super creepy!

Anonymous picture

I've seen this movie before, but there is so much more in repeated viewings. And if you go chasing rabbits & you know you;re going to fall. Very mind blowing.

Anonymous picture

I love this movie.