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Bad Rap
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Bad Rap
The Lives and Careers of Four Asian-American Rappers

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Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

Nice showing Dumbfounded, his battle rap skills are legendary, sad there was no mention of Mike Shinoda, Lyrics Born, Rich Chigga. Internationally hip hop is popular across Asia but Asian Rappers and music artists can't be embraced in the mainstream until career success is achieved back in ...Read more

Anna avatar

Definitely worth checking out! I love how the filmmaker, Salima, shares these artists' unique journeys through a very intimate portrait of the struggles of the Asian American experience. Also, love, love, love Dumbfoundead's music!

Anonymous picture

Yep, definitely worth checking out! I mean, I am the target audience for this (asian, rap lover, familiar with most of the people featured) and I was still blown away. I loved the segments with the rappers' moms. That was so real and I understand it completely. I kinda felt the same way that ...Read more