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Brownian Movement
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Brownian Movement

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

I wasted a credit on this junk!!!

Anonymous picture

Somewhat interesting psychological portrait of a woman who is inexplicably drawn to getting it on with guys who are somewhat repulsive, but doesn't really explain her motives.

Anonymous picture

Totally ambiguous, very little dialogue, and what there is is either ambiguous or cut short. Very boring, with too many long scenes of ambiguous emoting. Did I mention ambiguous?

Anonymous picture

She's crazy. She's a bored secret slut that likes kinky sex on the side. They're selling meds. That's the plot.

Anonymous picture

Spoiler alert?!

Anonymous picture

I asked that this film be captioned, and then was assured later that it had been done. However, I'm sure there are many poignant moments that do not require captioning but on the whole I'd like to know what was going on in the protagonist's mind and to have had some of her conversations with ...Read more

Minami avatar

Hi Donald, our apologies for this error. The film is now fully closed captioned.