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Don't Talk to Irene
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Don't Talk to Irene

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Comments (19)

Anonymous picture

This was really a treat. Loved Scott Thompson and the 'punk' elder woman.
Great cast. But Geena Davis got a little heavy handed as Irene's guru.

Anonymous picture

Funny movie. Loved the positivity of it. Some may not like the language but if you can get past that, you'll enjoy it.

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Anonymous picture

Clever, good acting, wonderful roles for the senior cast. A classic retelling of a band of misfits that find each other. It's quirky but not saccharine. Love the queer edge. Great ending.

Anonymous picture

Wow what an amazing film. It brought tears to my eyes. For anyone who didn't fit in in high school-watch this movie. Inspiring.

Carole avatar

This was absolutely wonderful. I loved the character, Irene. Geena Davis was terrific. Great story and ending. A must see.

Rene avatar

A mean spirited film passing itself off as comedy.

Anonymous picture

This is a real feel good movie and can relate. My career is with the elders and love it knowing I felt that uncomfortably of being fat but smart and had empowering family and friends. I recommend this movie absolutely!

Anonymous picture

Cute movie!

Anonymous picture

This was an absolute treat to watch. I'm surprised I never heard of it when it came out -- it seems like it would have been a hit -- but I guess as an American I don't hear about movies set and filmed in Canada. Agree with the comparisons to Napoleon Dynamite - if you loved that movie you'll ...Read more

Anonymous picture

thanks, that made the decision for me!

Anonymous picture

Really cute movie!

Anonymous picture

Cute movie :)
Brought me a lot of joy!

Anonymous picture

cute movie

Sally avatar

A sweet story for fans of Napoleon Dynamite

Anonymous picture

Disfrute muchisimo esta pelicula en especial porque la vi con mis hijos, y espero que a ellos les haya ensenado mucho este personaje de Irene. La historia es fantastica, me hizo reir muchisimo y la leccion de vida que ensena a grandes y jovenes es fantastica.

Anonymous picture

Such a wonderful little gem of a movie. Great acting. Strong script. And unlike Thelma and Louise - a happy ending for once! (There's no such thing as a small role when it comes to the majestic Geena Davis...)

Anonymous picture

I wish I had this movie to watch when I was young. Really beautiful and heart warming.

Kimberly avatar

Great film. Well done.