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Ex Machina
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Ex Machina

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Comments (16)

Anonymous picture

Really enjoyed this one. The tropes are pretty familiar and in some ways it's just a long Black Mirror episode, but all three performances are solid and the ending is very satisfying.

Anonymous picture

Cinematography, great. Acting, Great. Soundtrack, Great. Story, poor. This films main weakness is the plot which it revolves around. With simplistic characters as deep as a kiddie pool this film provides nothing in the way of story or characters.

Anonymous picture

This is one beautiful film and a great study of Artificial Intelligence. Great setting and performances.

Anonymous picture

Good near-future movie...just a question: Was the guy in experimentation who interrelated with Ava another AI?

Anonymous picture

Beautifully shot...great soundtrack...terrific acting.

Anonymous picture

Okay, grownup sci-fi. Unconvincing, claustrophobic three hander. Slick effects that were dazzling in "AI" xx years ago.

Anonymous picture

What is it with filmmakers? Several twisted tropes brought together here:
- the wealthy CEO who's actually a perverted sociopath
- the smart coder who's naive and easily manipulated
- the AI that outsmarts and betrays people

I mean, what happens? Someone wants to make ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Added to My Favorite Movies list. 2nd time I've seen it. I'll watch it again.

Anonymous picture

I do not support WMAF propaganda. Downvoted.

Anonymous picture

The actor who plays Nathan isn't white. Maybe you're protesting too much?

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Science fiction has always resonated with me. Ever since I was in grade school. I had this teacher who would always say these awful fr*cking things to me. What did I dream about? That's right. Robots, the future. THe cure. Great story here. Even better directing.

Anna avatar

Great sci-fi film! Some freaky scenes which will keep you wondering what will happen next.

Anonymous picture

cool movie, it's not the story, but how it's told.

Anonymous picture

Cool. An updated "2001 - A Space Odyssey"

Anonymous picture

This film is done very well, different, intriguing and haunting to ones senses

Anonymous picture

Some interesting considerations on AI, some predictable plot twists, but in the end the concept and the plot are lame.