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Forever, Chinatown
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Forever, Chinatown
An Artist Recreates His Childhood Chinatown in a Rapidly Changing San Francisco

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Comments (15)

Anonymous picture

This was a short documentary, but quite entertaining. Frank Wong knew that memory fades and he could lose the memories. So he said, he would have to recreate those. And, he created stunning miniatures. I wish the documentary would have gone more into the construction of these miniatures! ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Peggy Lee's rendition of The Folks Who Live On The Hill magnifies the warmth of this moving film.

Anonymous picture

This is a lovely film. Very gentle and sweet.

Anonymous picture

His miniatures reminds me of the Chinatown in Chicago Illinois during the times I grew up visiting there as a child. Great movie.

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture
M Maria

Beautiful and touching. Impermanence and old age shown with such love and such care... Wisdom, but we all grow old and we all pass.

Anonymous picture

I wandered into the Chinese Historical Society Museum intending to see Frank Wong's miniatures after reading about them in the newspaper. The true gift in life is seeing and meeting with Frank Wong himself at the Museum and getting to speak with him one on one and getting a private tour of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I loved this. Frank was closer to my father's generation, but so many of the miniatures, the images and people depicted in this documentary remind me so much of my childhood and memories, even though I lived in Los Angeles as child.

Anonymous picture

Absolutely lovely and touching tribute to life as we lived it. The miniatures are quite the skillful artistry, Thank you.

Anonymous picture

Loved this! The miniatures are breathtaking. The documentary was light and beautiful and the perfect little bite.

John avatar

This is such a beautiful and mindful tribute to Chinatown and one of the great artists in it. Thanks for telling this story, James.

Mickey avatar

This is a touching and tender chronicle gently gold-guilting the politics of segregation from the inside. This is a dear movie and I will show it to Eli- 9 for a taste of what dedication to personal reminiscing through art can look like.

Anonymous picture

An absolutely lovely documentary. Beautiful, mild and implicit.

Anna avatar

A beautifully-crafted short film preserving the legacy of San Francisco's Chinatown. Breathtaking cinematography and nostalgic music intertwined with the intricate storytelling of artist Frank Wong transports you through an experience you will never forget. A must watch on Kanopy!

James avatar

My childhood appreciation for little worlds, as well as my curiosity of people and places, merged with the happenstance introduction to Frank Wong’s Chinatown dioramas.

I wanted the cinematography of the miniatures to place viewers inside the dioramas. As we travel back in time with ...Read more