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Garbo the Spy
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Garbo the Spy

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Horrific music that adds nothing to the story.

Anonymous picture

A good documentary film of double agent Juan Pujol Garcia (Garbo) who worked for British Intelligence against the Abwehr (German military intelligence) during the Second Word War. The documentary is sculptured by an assortment of film clips cobbled together with interviews (eg. OSS agent ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Amazing gift by God to mankind to help destroy the German evil of conquering the world. A true saint.

Anonymous picture

Agree with "Jay" that initial story line seems confusingly presented, but after a while the viewer can sort things out. Didn't like the music at all, but an enthralling story.

Anonymous picture

The presentation and arrangement here, due to the intricate and mind bending storyline, is at times, challenging. An incredible weave which must be paid attention to utmost. Garcia is a shyster-hero. Truth stranger than fiction.