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Anonymous picture

J'adore Charlotte Rampling. Brava!

marie avatar

Charlotte Rampling is amazing and I do like the art of this film. However, it's quite agonizing to watch.

Everyday misery, tortured women, horrible men, innocent children. And of course... a non ending. The quintessential French-language movie. I will say this though, they revere the ...Read more

Lynn avatar

couldn't keep awake.

Anonymous picture

I have a question: who is the guy she "divorced" in this movie? I thought she was married to the guy who went to prison....

Anonymous picture

There is no "guy she divorced in this movie". She was in an acting class. All dialogue about divorce was read from an acting class script. Note that the English subtitles for that dialogue were enclosed in quotation marks.

Anonymous picture

For those who watch foreign films regularly, there is no dearth of roles for older women, and Charlotte Rampling is the icon. (Okay, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren are in there too) She has had a startling number of knockout roles in the last decade. In this case she is vulnerable, aged and ...Read more

Anonymous picture