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Inspector Lavardin
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Inspector Lavardin

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Not a great film but I enjoyed it well enough. Lavardin isan effective flic though his methods wouldn't endear him to many.

Anonymous picture

The acting is not great. A little disappointing

Anonymous picture

That mystery murder is a perfect vehicle for French comic Jean Poiret who is excellent as the facetious unorthodox cop snooping around provincial French bourgeoisie. Chabrol also reunites Brialy and Lafont who starred in his earlier films. A not so remarkable movie made for his old buddies.

Anonymous picture

Chabrol is repeating himself. It becomes boring.

Anonymous picture

Very moody and strange with irritatingly pretentious "psychological" music, but we liked it for the inspector, who is a great and complicated character.

Anonymous picture