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Anonymous picture

watched it twice and will keep watching it ! infact will purchase it so i can watch it any time , note you will not like this movie tll the end , it is more medicinal than entertaining and recommend this movie if you battle with depression.

Anonymous picture

It's one of my favorites and rewatch it frequently.

Anonymous picture

Loathed this movie. Couldn't watch more than 20 minutes.

Anonymous picture

Within the first 30 minutes, was telling myself to turn this off. Kept watching for some stupid reason. Wish I had listened to myself. Awful, pointless movie .

Anonymous picture

One of the worst films I've ever attempted to watch.

Anonymous picture

This may well be about depression,and the planet Melancholia an all too obvious reference, but my sense is that Melancholia is real, and the problem for most people in the film is that they can't be moved from their self-centered lives to see doom ahead. The reference is to climate change, a ...Read more

Ken avatar

As Some of the Other Posts Have Alluded, there are various Styles of Cinematic Discourse & What seems like Two Or Three Seperate Films within the Gestalt if one Includes the Opening Silent Montage. I watched the First Hour in 2 X And can Concur the Gathering is slow & Pretentious. The ...Read more

Anonymous picture

VVV weird

Anonymous picture

bad attempt at tarkovsky. why anyone should care about any of these characters really beats me. all LVT is pretentious, but this is really over the top. wagner. motionless. statics. wagner. plllllllLLLLLLLLLEEEEAAAaaaase.

Anonymous picture

This movie was so long that when I watched it in theaters it had an intermission. So keep that in mind. It is very depressing and very beautiful. It is very Lars von Trier, so if you like what he does then I say go for it. Otherwise you may not be inclined to sit through such a slow moving ...Read more

Anonymous picture

That's interesting. The film has a duration of 2h16m which really isn't that long.

Freeman avatar

This is a gorgeous and powerful film featuring superb performances by its two female leads, as well as two of the best sci-fi special effects scenes I know of. (The night scene lit by both Melancholia and the Moon, and the final scene.) But it's not for everyone. If you don't have a strong ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I agree. Thanks for standing up for LVT! After what he did to Bjork in Dancer in the Dark, he's on my "Ick, but watch through your fingers..." list, along with Woodie Allen. This is one of his good ones, with an important message for all of us.

Chase avatar

Kirsten Dunst received due accolades for her portrayal of crippling depression, but less discussed is the film's utter devotion to the sublime. Von Trier's trademark composited shots overwhelm and dazzle the senses. The film luxuriates in the grandeur of the universe and natural world with ...Read more

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Anonymous picture

this movie will bore you unless you are knowledgeable in the arts of the occult and astrology, amazing movie . the movie can be depressing while watching it. ironically i am not after watching it .

Louise avatar

not a great movie...

Anonymous picture

These were the longest two hours I've spent in a great while. The only redeeming value was the glimpse of Kirsten's powerful thighs. The movie was 136 minutes. It was 135 too long.