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Mesrine: Killer Instinct
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Mesrine: Killer Instinct

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Comments (5)

Scott avatar

I guess you have to be French to appreciate this lost cause. A poorly told story littered with scenes that are essentially about nothing.

Anonymous picture

Much grittier than Public Enemy #1 & much more violent. But, it is very well directed & acted. This director really knows what he's doing & Vincent is amazing again. I did prefer PE, where he showed more emotional ranges. This film though, explains why Jacques was so frustrated, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This film, and the follow up, are brilliantly acted, directed, edited, and written. Vincent Cassel is so compelling. One of the best performances in recent memory. Just a beautifully realized film.

Anonymous picture

This comment contains spoilers: I didn't know this was based on a real person until the film ended. I thought it was simply a thriller. The film was well-crafted, and I was definitely drawn in. I thought the camera-work was really well done, and often enhanced the suspense...or the ...Read more

Simon avatar

Vincent Cassel is a magnificent Jacques Mesrine. His performance is riveting, no wonder he received the "Best Actor" Cesar award for it.