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Comments (15)

Anonymous picture

I thought the other commenters were just being prudes, but it turns out that this movie is actually poorly written. I love a good vulgar movie, but this one wasn't even funny. This family is so frustratingly stupid I just want to punch them, especially the pregnant one. Skip it.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Should I watch this one? That old bag sherry is coming over soon. Need something to watch

Anonymous picture

Filmed in a lot of dark spaces. Not much action. Hard to listen to a lot of dialogue, vulgar family drama. What was the message here?

Dee avatar

This movie was one of the worst I have ever seen in my life; as soon as I clicked on it, I regretted it, and instantly knew I had wasted one of my six precious movie choices! The acting was lame, the story line made no sense, and the profanity was not only gratuitous, but it was non-stop. I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

What, you didn't enjoy listening to a couple of unsympathetic, vulgar characters whine, yell, cry and bitch for 80+ minutes? Wish I had read your comments first, in order to save myself time that I'll never get back. What was that Chicago audience thinking (the one that awarded it some ...Read more

Anonymous picture

how do you get six? doesn't everyone get 5 monthly?

Anonymous picture

It depends on the library you join from. If you can join another library also, the two are combined.

Minami avatar

Hi Ilsa! Dee is correct - the number of play credits that are available does depend on the library of which you are a member.

Dee avatar

Maybe it depends on the country or state; I live in OK, and within our library system we get six :o).

Anonymous picture

I don't see what people saw as disturbing in this film. Strange and uncomfortable, but interesting film!

Danielle avatar

A devastating, strange film. Quite smart.

Anonymous picture

This film is brilliant !

Anonymous picture

Fucking disturbing as fuck. What the fuck am I watching?

Anonymous picture

I appreciate the heads up. 2 comments saying it's disturbing, so I'll give this a pass.

Anonymous picture

Very disturbing movie