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Song of Love
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Song of Love
Chant D'Amour

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Fascinating. To think that this was made in 1950. But Genet was years ahead of his time in his frank acceptance of his homosexuality and in his early novels which were primarily about male love. It's easy to see why this film was banned at the time. I was very surprised at its frankness. But ...Read more

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A Poetic piece about repression, desire, self-hate and love. The execution of these themes are well put together, but it is hard to understand some scene's motives. Nonetheless it is still relevant today.

Anonymous picture

Some of the references are obscure. There seem to layers of fantasies. What shown is raw yet poetic. A few scenes are explotive. (I liked best when the two prisoners wandered and ran in the woods.
Considering the film was made in 1950, it is revoluntary.
At that time in my ...Read more