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Anonymous picture

Completely over the top story of crystal and the people who use it. Personalities are smothered by crank - the body language and inane dialogue are perfect. The paranoia is palpable. If you've been around tweakers, you'll see your acquaintances. If you haven't, this will show you why to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Britney Murphy is timid, nervous and sexy, like her beloved, meth-vaped little green dog. She'll steal your heart. There are two versions of the film in circulation. The uncensored version is pretty hard to find. Try shopping for used DVD's. I found an uncensored cut on Amazon. There's not ...Read more

Anonymous picture

not that it matters but the description is backwaeds. His girlfriend is not errant, she appears to be in recovery when we meet her. sorry if this is a spoiler, it's not revealing the end, which is brilliant. A movie about delusin, funny in a way, memorable, and made with obvious first hand ...Read more

Anonymous picture

just about nails meth use on the head; Mickey Rourke makes a really convincing cook

Anonymous picture

If Kanopy is going to offer films, it should not ever censor them. Terrible idea.

Anonymous picture

Pretty shallow garbage posing as "edgy", and censored and airbrushed I guess courtesy of Kanopy.

Anonymous picture

Funny, sad, good.

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Earl avatar

Alternately heartbreaking and hilarious. A production design that veers frequently into psychotic drug-fueled hallucinated animations, disorienting editing and camera angles, set in a wasteland of motels and quick-stop mini marts, and addled misbegotten losers. This is way closer to a ...Read more

DIVA avatar

One star.

Anonymous picture

Fairly certain this is the *OPPOSITE* of "a comical tale". Offensive and infuriating.

Anonymous picture

Well it is a movie about meth after all.