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Swiss Army Man
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Swiss Army Man

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Swiss Army Man is certainly one of the quirkier of the billions of wake-up calls we receive daily from the dead to the living — past, present and future. Is anyone still listening?

Robert avatar

Reanimated corpse with amnesia wants to know what life is all about, takes as his teacher a suicidal pariah in this offbeat buddy film that marries the spirit of a Hope & Crosby road movie with Weekend at Bernie's.

Almost gave up on it after 10 minutes when it seemed like it was ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Glad I hung in til the end. All those cringy scenes and deep questions added up to good movie.

Anonymous picture

@0:32:44 - Uncle! I've had enough of this movie.

Anonymous picture

Thank you for the response!

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

"It’s just been a over week since Swiss Army Man shocked Park City audiences at its Sundance world premiere, and the absurdist dramedy is already known as “the Daniel Radcliffe fart movie.”"

Yup. This is the fr*cking masterpiece in comedy of our day. I don't care waht anyone says. I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

know one else may get anything out of this, but this movie made me feel a wide range of emotions. While most were cringey, I also found myself feeling sad, humored, and one of the themes of the film: lonely and weird. This experimentation of a movie exploits the thoughts running through our ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I agree too, Alexis! It's a very "cringe" movie, the ostensible crude acts of debauchery speak to a lot of people. The humor is a bit esoteric for the "popular" crowd, but that's always the best kind, isn't it? A happy ending to an all too unfamiliar scenario, it begs the viewer to ...Read more