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They came for the hormones and stayed for the healthcare. These are the pioneering patients of the first free clinic in the country for trans folks, 1993 in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. More than a film about a clinic, the filmmakers had access to the unvarnished stories of 12 courageous individuals, who share their life experiences in the "Bad Old Days" decade by decade - from the closeted 1950s, through the AIDS epidemic in the 1990s-- all illustrated by amazing (and fun) archival imagery. The second half of the film shows what a difference the groundbreaking Transgender Tuesdays clinic made in the lives of the country's most medically underserved, misunderstood, and despised minority.


"...a turning point for transgender people throughout the United States, Transgender Tuesdays captures a momentous turn of events in the history of LGBT rights: the realization by San Francisco's health officials that providing adequate care wasn't only the right thing to do, but that it could also significantly improve the health of the most marginalized people in the LGBT community. The outcome would be a turning point for transgender people throughout the United States, as more cities adopted policies similar to that of San Francisco's Tom Waddell Clinic." - Masen Davis, Executive Director and Tracy Garza, Founding Board Member of Transgender Law Center

"An opportunity... to engage more deeply around the needs of our trans students.""Bringing this excellent film to campus provided an opportunity for our health center professionals to engage more deeply around the needs of our trans* students. The students learned more about the history of the trans* community. I highly recommend Transgender Tuesdays for campus programming." - Colette Seguin Beighley, Director, Grand Valley State Univ. LGBT Resource Center

"Required viewing...for anyone who hopes to work in any aspect of healthcare.""My students are eager for information to help them work with transgender individuals. Transgender Tuesdays provides invaluable understanding and insight on a much-misunderstood population. It is required viewing in my classes and should be for anyone who hopes to work in any aspect of healthcare." - Stefan Rowniak RN, FNP, PhD, Ass't. Professor USF School of Nursing and Health Professions

"The documentary reaffirmed my commitment to culturally sensitive health care and the importance of imparting this ethical position to my students."- Chenit Ong-Flaherty, RN, APHN-BC, DNP

"A solid addition to both LGBT studies and general collections, this is recommended." _-_review, K. Fennessey in Video Librarian vol. 28 no. 3

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When I retired as a Nurse Practitioner, after working with transgender people for over 20 years, I got the go-ahead to film and record some of their accounts. I had always thought, "If some people could only hear the stories of where they have been and the resilient ways they have survived ...Read more