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Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art
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Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

Such a poorly research documentary! I went to the screening with the director and he literally only has a small understanding of the relevant artistic characters dealing with the landart movement. Why on earth interview Carl Andre for so long! He isn't even a landartist. It felt like little ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Wow. I loved this. I was already familiar with the artists and their work, but getting a more detailed picture about their interactions and the timelines of who did what when was wonderful. Expertly put together; good information; seems to make the origins of this movement clear and ...Read more

James Crump avatar
James Crump

The artists featured in Troublemakers are relevant more than ever today. With so many of the key players now deceased, the film is a fitting tribute to these artists and their sense of risk-taking, adventure and audacity in creating improbable works, some meant to last forever.

Anonymous picture

excellent work - I want to share this video from within Michael Heizer's 'Double Negative'